29 November 2023, Ralf D. Mueller

AI in Software Design

Using AI in Software Design: How ChatGPT Can Help With Creating a Solution Architecture

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is becoming a big part of our lives. One type of AI is Large Language Models (LLMs), like chatGPT. At the iSAQB Software Architecture Gathering, I showed how chatGPT can help with complex tasks in software design, such as the tasks in the iSAQB Advanced Exam.

We delved into the intricacies of conversing with ChatGPT, illustrating the strategies needed to generate productive prompts and effectively utilize the model as a sparring partner. The talk exemplified these concepts by taking the audience on a step-by-step journey through the process of tackling the iSAQB Advanced Example Exam, utilizing ChatGPT.

We demonstrated how to prepare for a chat session with ChatGPT, how to generate robust prompts, and how to manage the chat for optimal outcomes. Our aim was to highlight the model’s capabilities as an interactive tool that can provide valuable insights and streamline the process of developing software architecture.

Whether you are a seasoned architect or a novice in the field, this presentation will equip you with novel techniques to navigate the challenging landscape of software architecture with the assistance of AI.

Slides & Video

KI iSAQB ChatGPT slides video talk