Dr. Martin Strunk

Dr. Martin Strunk

Dr. Martin Strunk

Dr. Martin Strunk has been working for more than 22 years in different expert and management roles in development and operations at DB Systel.

In 2018 Dr. Martin Strunk initiated and lead the DevOps-Transformation Project “Two Deployments per Day (2D/d)” at DB Systel, where the technical, organizational and cultural foundations for a DevOps IT delivery model have been created.

Currently, he leads as an Agility Master the Customer Experience Unit of DB Systel with more than half a dozen engineering teams that work according to the “You build it, you run it”-paradigm.


20 November 2023

Conway’s Law in real life

Conway’s Law inevitably connects the architecture of an software system with the responsible delivery organization.

04 November 2022

Produkt- statt Projektmanagement

Warum das Funding von Projekten mittlerweile zu einem der größten Hindernisse auf dem Weg zu einer BizDevOps-Organisation geworden ist − ein Debattenbeitrag zum nächsten notwendigen Schritt der DevOps-Bewegung.