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02 April 2024

My journey from TypeScript to Java - Part 1

For several years now, I’ve been programming in Typescript and enjoyed it significantly due to its simple and yet powerful type safety system in contrast to JavaScript.

However, a lot of people in DB Systel use Java as their preferred programming language. To understand what they like about Java, but also because it is easier to maintain the software in the team, I wanted to learn Java myself.

My learnings on my way from TypeScript to Java might be useful for others going the same way. While I’m going this way, I like to add more of these articles. For now, I start with some beginner problems, but I already have prepared some more!

16 January 2024

Accessibility in Angular – Angulars features for a better and more inclusive web

The Angular Framework brings us some built-in features to help in creating accessible components and applications by wrapping common best practices and techniques. In this talk at the Angular Berlin Meetup, Danny presented these concepts and features.

14 March 2020

API first mit TypeScript

Mit API first kann man sehr schön REST APIs bauen. Verwendet man TypeScript, kann man mittels der Bibliothek express-openapi nicht nur einmalig einmalig ein Interface generieren, sondern auch bei späteren Änderungen API first beibehalten.

Im Video zeige ich anhand eines praktischen Beispiels, wie man ein solches Projekt aufsetzt.